Landscape Design

At TriGem Homes and Gardens, our goal is to create your dream outdoor living space while delivering an exemplary experience. Our team of designers, project managers, and office staff are here to ensure you are thrilled with your project, from concept to completion.

TriGem’s Proven Process

Just as you would not build a house without blueprints, you should not put together a landscape without a design. TriGem Homes and Gardens is available for both large and small projects. We can create simpler design sketches for clients who are watching their budget or are interested in a less complex process. Our team has extensive experience with all types of outdoor design and construction.

Initial On-Site Consultation

The first step in our process begins with a design consultation at your home to establish your landscape needs and interests. During this meeting, the designer will listen to your needs, ideas, and budget for your space. We are interested in determining your personal style, preferences, must haves, dislikes, and project goals. Understanding your family makeup, preferences regarding color schemes, plants, and materials, outdoor entertainment, desired landscape maintenance, timeline, and future goals for your property is essential in allowing us to creatively work together in designing the ideal landscape for you. Materials, equipment, and labor costs are all variable depending on the project. Our landscape designer will work with you to guide you during the establishment of the long-term and short-term budget parameters.

Site Inventory and Analysis

Following the landscape design consultation, the landscape designer will return to your home to identify and locate all site elements on your property by size, material, and condition. We will gather site specific measurements such as sun’s path, soil composition, drainage, regional climate, topography and site’s limitations, photos, indoor views of the landscape, etc. Using this information, along with previously discussed design concepts and provided surveyor’s plat of your property, the landscape designer constructs an initial property base map that will be used to refine the design plans based on your needs and project goals.

Concept Design

Utilizing the data from the site analysis and the ideas from the initial consultation, the landscape designer will be able to present a concept design for your property. The concept design will set the overall vision and tone for your project. The initial concept level plan is meant to be used as a flexible proposal, it is a starting point for your review and critique. For the landscape designer, this review process is critical to fully understand and create the best landscape to fit your needs and your budget. Throughout the conceptual landscape design process, we will offer professional opinions using technical horticultural and construction expertise. To move forward in the process, you will choose a final project layout, a final budget, and the materials you wish to have installed.

Design Development

Following the concept development, we transition the concepts into a detailed design illustrating plants, walkways, walls, and other hardscapes. This design is presented to the client for discussion and revision. The final design consultation will result in the plans that will be used in the construction of the landscape project.

Final Landscape Plan

Upon completion of the design development stage, the landscape designer creates a final landscape plan which includes the revised designs, a starting date, and an itemized list of materials to be used throughout the project’s construction. The final designs are computer generated site maps which illustrate the materials, patterns, and plants in a scale layout with all the information necessary to complete the landscape installation process. The budget is based on using our own landscape installation teams.