Landscape Installation Contractor


A new planting bed to add movement to your garden, new plants to add color to a drab corner, new sod to replace the one that died, a new walk path to define a space, a pergola to bring a bit of shade, a fire pit to create an inviting space, outdoor lighting to set the mood, irrigation to keep your plants nourished, a retaining wall to add space to your backyard, or maybe you just need a completely new  outdoor living space. No project is too small or too large for our team of professionals. We have the horticulture and construction expertise that you need.

TriGem Homes and Gardens will provide a written estimate describing all included work and specified materials for your review and approval. Once a signed estimate is accepted and submitted with a deposit, our Operations team will schedule your project and order materials. For larger projects that require a design plan, once start dates are confirmed, our team of landscape installation professionals use the final landscape design plan to complete your custom landscape. Installation times vary depending on the size of each individual project.


Full vs. Phased Landscape Installation

TriGem Homes and Gardens provides both complete and phased landscape installation services. Unlike major home remodeling, the landscape of your dreams can be installed one small phase at a time. We understand that often budget or timelines can prevent our customers from completing their installations in one phase. Understanding their desired phasing helps make sure the installation is done in the most cost effective manner. Your project team will work with you to make sure we create the most appropriate phased landscape installation.

Before any work begins, TriGem Homes and Gardens will hold a preconstruction meeting onsite (as needed) with all stakeholders to be involved in your project to ensure a smooth order of events during the construction phases. The Project Manager along with the Landscape Designer will oversee the entire project. Their primary responsibility is to be on site at the beginning and end of each phase of the project. We work closely with all of our clients throughout the entire process, and it is our ultimate goal to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

No matter the size of your unique project, all installations occur in five major phases:

Site Preparation

The site preparation will depend significantly on your site and your specific design. It may entail removing trees and stumps, transplanting, killing grass and removing invasive plants, eradicating diseases from infected plants, plant pruning, soil amending, grading and leveling to ensure adequate drainage and elevations, and to stabilize erodible areas, restoring damaged or compacted soil, demolition and removal of any hardscapes that don’t fit into the landscaping design, etc.

During this process, TriGem Homes and Gardens will work diligently to ensure that existing plants are completely protected. Our experienced team will plan and implement proper protections to prevent potential damage like root zone trauma and soil structure disturbance.

Debris Removal

All excess material and construction debris is safely removed and disposed of the site.  As the Project Managers, we ensure that this phase is completed in a timely and efficient manner.  Because safety is important to us and we know it is important to you, our crews are highly trained not only on the technical aspects of the job, but to safe work practices.

Hardscape Installation

Hardscape Installation will vary depending on the specific design. This is the main construction and build phase.

Having sourced all of the materials required for your project, we handle the logistics to ensure timely delivery. Adequate transportation to the site, receiving inspection, and proper storage and handling are some of our major concerns during this and the plant material installation phases.

During this phase, excavations are performed, utility lines are run, drainage system is routed, irrigation and lighting systems are installed, walls and fences are built, hardscapes are constructed, outdoor living features are installed, final grades determined and adjusted, etc.

TriGem Homes and Gardens will schedule and coordinate all subcontractors (if any) to ensure adherence to the project schedule.

Plant Material Installation and Clean Up

With all of the hardscape components now completed, the installation and preparation of plant material and turf areas begins.

We start installing your large trees as well as ornamental trees. Next, we plant your shrubs, perennials and groundcovers. Lastly, turf and/or sod areas are installed. During this phase, we will mulch the beds, make final adjustments to the irrigation system, install the light fixtures for your landscape lighting, and touch up on anything that might have been disturbed during this phase. All plant material will be adequately watered and all hardscape areas thoroughly cleaned and pressure washed.

Project Closeout

At the end of the project, we will review the installation to determine its completeness, quality, and test all installed systems. The Landscape Designer along with the Project Manager will conduct a final walk-through with you to ensure 100% client satisfaction. We will provide you with instructions on plant care, suggestions for hardscape maintenance, and a warranty. As added comfort, if your landscape is under irrigation, you will see us monitoring your newly installed plants for six months after the completion of the installation.

After a project is complete, we love the opportunity to maintain what we have installed. Before we go, we will provide you with a free of obligation estimate to maintain and protect your investment year round.

All that is left to do is to… Enjoy your new landscape!