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Lawn Maintenance Basics: Fertilizing

Fertilizing can be a daunting task without taking the time to study the subject. Between determining what fertilizer is best, how much to apply, when to apply it, calibrating your tools, and making sure that you don’t harm the environment, it is enough to make your head spin.

Lawn Maintenance Basics: Watering

We all have heard of water as the molecule of life. All plant life needs water (in one way or the other) to survive and your lawn is not an exception. Georgia weather is always changing, one year we are having a drought and the next we live in a rainforest. These conditions make watering…

Lawn Maintenance Basics: Mowing

Everybody wants a lush green lawn. Achieving a lawn that is envy worthy is nothing but the product of following the appropriate cultural practices, time, and a dedicated budget. If you selected the right grass cultivar for your site conditions and the site was prepared correctly, this series on lawn maintenance practices will help you…

A Mulchtitude of Options

There are many options when it comes to choosing the best type of mulch for your garden. At TriGem, we have some tried and true types of mulches, aggregates, and pine straws that we like to use in different situations.

When Life Gives you Leaves, Make Mulch

Using a mulch mower to mulch your leaves is one way to add great organic matter to your lawns and beds. Adding leaf mulch to lawns and beds injects them with nutrients that not only improve your soil’s fertility but help Georgia’s clay soil to drain better.

Fall Planting, a Stress Relief for You and Your Garden

Plants gets stressed too, sadly we cannot give them medication to reduce their stress. We can however try to reduce the amount of stress we put them through when we are planting them in your garden. When we plant them in the fall, we provide better conditions to give them a better chance to thrive.…

Irrigation Startup and Audit Offer

Why shall you get a spring startup and audit of your irrigation system? The response will always be the same. It is all about efficiency. An efficient system will allow your lawn and your plants to receive the hydration they need with minimal impact to your pocket. Tip: Your irrigation controller’s settings for the number…

Winter Pruning

Are we in Atlanta or in Chicago? We have had extreme windy days in the North West Atlanta area recently. As I listen to the wind push through the bare oak trees outside, I am reminded that there are still things to be done before spring. Many do not realize that winter is the best…

Overseeding Fescue in Georgia

We are often asked, “When can I overseed my fescue?” Fall is the best time to overseed, especially if you are starting from scratch. However, there is a short window here in Georgia to overseed in the spring (if Mother Nature cooperates of course).

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