Overseeding Fescue in Georgia

We are often asked, “When can I overseed my fescue?” Fall is the best time to overseed, especially if you are starting from scratch. However, there is a short window here in Georgia to overseed in the spring (if Mother Nature cooperates of course).

Fescue seeds need a ground temperature of around 60° F to germinate. Tip: Once we enter March and April, look for a forecast of at least 2 to 3 weeks of air temperature between mid-60’s at night and mid to high 70’s in the daytime. This is your window!

Do not forget to aerate, add lime for the acidic native soil and use a good starter fertilizer. You will need to keep the seed wet during this period, so water everyday and use wheat straw to cover the seed in bare spots. Once the seed passes its germination period (and taking in consideration the temperature), the amount of water will change. You do not want to over water, the seed and the freshly sprouted grass will rot. Do not underwater or the higher Georgia temperatures of late spring and summer will burn your grass up.

Your lawn is like life, its health and fullness reflect the care that you put into it. Let us care for it as you would. Call our team to schedule a consultation today.