Winter Pruning

Are we in Atlanta or in Chicago? We have had extreme windy days in the North West Atlanta area recently. As I listen to the wind push through the bare oak trees outside, I am reminded that there are still things to be done before spring. Many do not realize that winter is the best time to do major tree pruning.

In the winter, tree sap slow or stops altogether. Therefore, there is no growth happening on deciduous trees and evergreens growth is very minimal or not at all until spring. Because there is little to no growth, it is less stressful on the tree, and there are less disease or insects to contend with. Tip: Do not forget to cover your cuts with prune seal.

If you have a hazardous limb protruding over your roof, you need your tree canopy opened to allow more light onto your lawn, or you simply need some structure pruning or thinning of a specimen tree, give us a call today for your free consultation.