Irrigation Startup and Audit Offer

Why shall you get a spring startup and audit of your irrigation system? The response will always be the same. It is all about efficiency. An efficient system will allow your lawn and your plants to receive the hydration they need with minimal impact to your pocket. Tip: Your irrigation controller’s settings for the number of days and duration should change with the seasons.

As a plus, when we perform the startup for you, we can check for any damage that might have occurred during the winter season. We bring the expertise and the tools, and in some cases, we are even able to fix certain deficiencies on the spot!

When we perform a spring sprinkler activation, we engage and review the entire irrigation system to include the backflow valve, the water supply, the controller, and a system review of each individual zone. We turn on and pressurize your main line, activate each zone, check and adjust your sprinkler coverage, check for leaks, perform minor adjustments of heads and rotors, and we program your clock to the seasonal requirements. For your convenience and peace of mind, we then document our findings in an audit report that we send directly to your email. If your system has issues, we will also include an estimate to get your system back up and running.