Fescue Aeration and Overseeding Offer

So you have bald spots… in your lawn. I know what you are thinking, why me?!?! We get it, they can be an eye sore. Now your dog and kids are dragging the mud in, the curb appeal is lacking, and you are about to install some synthetic grass. Oh, we get your frustration, but that is not a problem that cannot be solved. This offer is for you.

When you give us a call, you leave everything in our hands. We will infuse some air into the root zone of your grass to help the lawn grow thicker. The best thing? We will show up at the best time for the seed to germinate, so you do not have to worry about ground temperature. We use a quality three seed fescue blend that is formulated for both sun and shady lawn conditions. Lawns in Georgia are seldom one or the other, typically they are a combination of both, this blend ensures that all our lawns are covered.

One last thing, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that you do not have bald spots, yet. If this is your case, you might want to consider that, Tip: if you fail to overseed every year, you will sadly develop the dreaded bald spots.

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